10 Tips To Survive Freshers Week

1. GET A SMOOTHIE BLENDER- Freshers Week is fast paced and healthy eating will be the last thing on your mind. Relying on pizza deals and fast-food will mean that by midweek you'll be face-planted on the sofa whilst clutching your stomach. Thats no fun, trust me I did that. Although I made it to five out of the seven nights out, I could've made the full seven with a better diet. You can get a great blender for just £10 and it takes a few minutes to just blend together a mix of fresh and frozen fruit each day. When you're feeling worse for wear in the morning, a fruit smoothie will restore essential nutrients and give you the energy to do freshers week right.

2. TAKE A PACK OF CARDS- The best Freshers Week games to play with your flatmates require a pack of cards, but nobody ever thinks to bring one?! Even if everyone has a pack of cards, cards get lost and you'll end up playing Ring of Fire without the final king (which is a pretty big deal in the game). The more, the better.

3. BE THE PERSON WHO TAKES THE PHOTOS- It's probably not best to take a fancy DSLR camera because it will probably get misplaced. But someone will be taking photos and if its not you, there could be many unfavourable photos of you plastered over social media. If you take the photos, you can choose the photos that end up on social media. I learned this the hard way.

4. GIVE YOURSELF A MOMENT- Freshers Week will be busy but you will have very brief moments (probably during the day) where you'll have nothing to do. Use these moments to adjust to your new life. Do something relaxing, put on some music and meditate. Join a gym and use their jacuzzi. Just relax and let it all sink in. The benefits this will have on your wellbeing for the rest of Freshers Week will be profound. You'll enjoy everything so much more with a clear mind.

5. KNOW THE CITY- You may be new to the city, and if you are it is important to know where you're living and spending your time during Freshers Week. It may be more unsafe than the sleepy countryside village you grew up in, so keep your belongings safe and be aware of who is around you. But most of all, don't let the prospect of crime in the city spoil your fun. You just need to be aware of your surroundings and get to know your new home.

6. TAKE FOLD-UP SHOES- These are a lifesaver when you've been dancing all night and feel like all your toes are broken because you wore the beautifully painful pointy shoes. Even if you wore comfy shoes, a new friend may literally be wearing killer heels. Lending a hand in these trying times will go down very well. You may even make a new friend.

7. ONLY DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO- Respect everyone's decisions. If they don't respect yours, stick to your guns. Only do what you want to do, and don't let anyone change your mind. Your gut feeling is always right, so trust it. You'll have a better time when you respect your own limits and you'll be safe in the knowledge that you've risen above the peer pressure.

8. JOIN THE SOCIETY- Even before going to university I knew I wanted to be a radio presenter on the university's radio station. During Freshers Week, I immediately signed up to their radio station without giving it a second thought. I had so much fun each week presenting a show with friends, and it really improved my confidence. Radio may not be your thing but if you find a society you like the look of join it! Even if you have no experience of the activity. Don't think twice. University is about learning and there will be many students from all years joining societies in Freshers Week. It really is the perfect time to discover a new hobby.

9. ATTEND DAY EVENTS- The marketing teams in clubs do really well to promote their Freshers Week club nights, and these can turn your attention away from all the day events at the university. During Freshers Week my course held a pub quiz and little did I know, I was on a quiz team with my future best friend. As for the people I met during club nights, well, I can't remember who they are.

10. PREDICT THAT YOU MAY MAKE MISTAKES- There was a guy in the laundry room who had liquid laundry tablets that you just throw in with the washing. But he was trying to open it up with his mouth. Safe to say, he succeeded but quickly realised he was not supposed to open the tablet. Avoid ending up with a mouth full of soap by anticipating that you may make mistakes. Pay extra attention, read instructions thoroughly and take your time.

If you have any questions about my experience of Freshers Week then leave them in the comments!

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