Free Apps To Get A Good Sleep In The City

The vibrant city doesn't sleep, and neither do you (most days). Not tonight. You have something important to do the next day and you need to wake up early. But the city is wide awake and you're suffering some serious FOMO staring at the ceiling.
I've been there. 
It is the bittersweet nature of city life. 
When sleep eludes me, I turn to my phone and aimlessly scroll through Instagram. After an hour I admit to myself that Instagram is not going to help me sleep. This is when I turn to the apps which will help me sleep. Here are the great FREE apps that have saved me from many a boring night of counting sheep and overthinking.

Sleep Time 
Big buildings that block out the sun may make your room darker and feel like you're getting more sleep, but why do you still wake up feeling groggy?! Apparently it is because our bodies respond to light, not alarms. Naturally, at sunrise our bodies would wake us up in a light stage of sleep, so we would wake up feeling revitalised. In a city where the buildings block out the sunrise our bodies are blocked from performing this function. This is where Sleep Time comes in. This app imitates the natural waking-up process by counting your sleep cycles and waking you up when you're in the lightest stage of sleep. When I first heard about this app I was thinking, "what if it tries waking me up at 4am, when I am not ready to wake up?" Cleverly, the app has factored this in and will wake you up within a 30 minute window. At first I thought the idea was great but wasn't convinced that it would work. From the first time I used it, I didn't want to throw my phone across the room and snooze for an hour. After a week of using it my body regulated itself and waking up became so simple, as it should be.

Rain Rain
You've set your alarm. You've scrolled past the same Tweet three times, so you finally accept its time to attempt sleep. The sound of sirens, car engines and drunk club-goers aren't relaxing and your mind is still racing. Before you just accept you're going to be exhausted tomorrow, download Rain Rain. Before you pass it off as super-lame, hear me out. I find it impossible to fall asleep to music, songs get stuck in my head and then I cant stop humming them. Then, I want to learn to play them on guitar. Its just impossible to fall asleep. Rain sounds are naturally relaxing for me, after growing up in the cold countryside I happily fell asleep to a thunderstorm many times. This app is the next best thing! With over ten different rain sounds such as "Thunder Cracks" and "Rain on a Window" this app offers the cosy stormy experience I find so relaxing. I've been using this app since the first year of uni, since then the developers have added other sounds such as "Crickets" and "Desert Wind". Soundscapes may seem a bit lame at first but in desperate times they are a great discovery. I challenge you to give them a go! Let me know your opinions of Rain Rain in the comments. You can set a timer for how long the soundscapes play for too, so they won't play through the night and wake you up.

Have Sweet Dreams! 
These are two really useful and easy-to-use apps that I've discovered whilst living in the city. I hope they help you sleep as much as they have improved the quality of my sleep. Now, when I do need a full nights sleep, I sleep well.  Do you have any app recommendations for me? Leave them in the comments below.
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  1. Great post, will definitely need to check these apps out as I'm going away this week and can never sleep when I'm not in my own bed!! X

    1. Oh have fun when you're away! Yeah I'm the same, but if you're anything like me these will help!

  2. Ive never heard of any of these apps, they sound really good!

  3. Love the sound of the sleep time app! This will definitely be handy for my 4.45 get ups as a student nursešŸ˜­ Jess xxx

    1. That is a tough wakeup call, the sleep app is perfect for waking up early and feeling fresh!