How To Wake Up Looking Fresh

I'm currently residing in the countryside reflecting on my city lifestyle. I often rush around absorbing as much city life as possible, get home later than my skin would forgive me for and pass out from exhaustion. Whilst I love the exhilaration of trying out loads of new places in the city, a look in the mirror provides a daily reality-check that my impatience is catching up on me. In the countryside life is slower and my skin is improving with each morning I spend here. Is it the fresh countryside air? Probably not! I've put it down to the fact I have more time to look after my skin before I go to bed, because nothing much happens after 10pm on a weekday in the wilderness.
With more time for my skincare routine I thought it would be perfect to share my tips on how to look fresh on waking up. I will take these tips with me when I go back to the city.


Sounds counterintuitive, right? My skin is so naturally oily, but using Rosehip oil in the evening means that in the night my skin doesn't produce too much natural oil that causes spots.  Rosehip oil is a good oil for skin, and this reduces blemishes. The Rosehip oil I use is 100% Organic by Boots Botanics, but there are many out there for all price-ranges.


I have a bad habit of drinking tea before bed. It it caffeinated and dehydrates the body which means that the skin will also be dehydrated by the morning. I have kicked the habit and begun drinking water before bed.


Exfoliation is a buzzword in the skincare world. Whilst it is good there is a reason most scrubs say only use twice a week, it damages your skin if done too often. But do exfoliate once or twice each week because since exfoliating has reduced my dry skin. Do it in the evening because apparently skin regenerates in the night. Exfoliating your skin gives the natural cell regeneration process a head-start.


When I've been stressed during the day my skin doesn't take long to react. For every night I go to bed stressed, I wake up with stressed skin. It may be psychological but I really do believe my skin looks better in the morning when I am not stressing out about things that probably won't even matter in a month.


Okay, so mainstream Micellar waters have had a bad rap in the media because of a certain ingredient. Luckily, I found the Boots Botanics 3-in-1 micellar water which doesn't contain the carcinogenic ingredient. Micellar's clean dirt off your face and tone so you can go to bed with really clear skin.

These are my top tips to look fresh in the morning. Let me know if you have any pearls of wisdom that I've not considered. 

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  1. Water is so important, drinking it first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up helps as well! Another tip, I use coconut oil under my eyes morning and night, and it really helps them to look less dry and tired!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Oh yeah I always drink water in the morning anyway, so that may be contributing too!! Ooh which coconut oil do you use? Thats a really good tip, oil is the way forward.

  2. Hi Emma! Such a great post. What is the name of the carcinogenic ingredient in micellar water? I've been using Garnier and haven't heard anything bad about it so far. Thanks!