Inexpensive ways to make your house homely

 You've finally got your new place, you've seen pictures online and everything looks very clean and simple-the perfect living space. You open the front door, and all of a sudden everything feels clinical. You're not connecting with your new house the way you want to, but you're paying too much rent to afford to comfort eat the negativity away. Sound familiar? I have been there many times. First I felt this way at uni in an empty box room, and I felt it again as a graduate renting their first "adult" flat. At first my flat felt empty and boring but after adding a few homely touches I have bonded with it. So, here are my tips on how to make your space hygge-My Danish readers will know!


Bathrooms, bedrooms and livingrooms can all benefit from jars. I recently bought what I call my "jar of hearts" from Wilko's and filled it with some sweet strawberry pot pourri. Not only does the jar feel warm and friendly but the lovely scent gives the house a favourable aroma. As it gets closer to Christmas, I am eyeing up some festively scented pot pourri. 


Its all well and good having a house that looks like an IKEA showroom, but that's not going to make for a homely living space. Use and display your souvenirs! They will bring back happy and hilarious memories from your travels which will make you feel better. I use my Mallorca mug rather than the clinical white "guest mugs" because it reminds me of lazing by the pool and stuffing my face at the all-inclusive buffet. 

Fairy lights

No matter what you say, where you put them or what they look like fairy lights make a room feel one hundred times cosier. They fill the room with a cosy low-light ambiance. I bought some delicate rose fairy lights on the cheap in Primark. Having them weaved around my bed-frame means I can watch a cheesy chick flicks in bed with warm lighting radiating from the fairy-lights and feel as cosy as I've ever been. 


Positivity is hard to come-by at seven o'clock in the morning as I'm stumbling around trying to get ready for work, so forcing positive reminders on myself sets me up for a good day. This positive bathroom glass from Primark is a good reminder to smile because when you smile it tricks your brain into feeling happier (weirdly, it works. Seriously try it). Whether in the form of a picture on the wall, or a placemat on the dinner table, affirmations are a good reminder to love the space you've earned.

Comfy Throws 

Whether over the sofa, at the end of the bed or on a bean-bag, throws add pattern and personality to any room. I love the animal print throw in my living room. When it gets chilly and I'm watching TV its handy to wrap up in the throw with a hot chocolate in one hand and my phone in the other taking a photo for Instagram- at least I'm honest!

Novel Items 

No, it is not essential to life to buy fresh tissues in a cute box or a mirror that you can write messages on but having novel items make you fall in love with your home. If its the kind of thing you would love to find in a boutique hotel room, its the kind of thing you need in your home. You deserve to make your home feel special. For me, all it takes is a cute tissue box like this one from Wilko's. It's also the light from a candle in a cute holder that I just liked the look of, so I bought it. Sometimes you can't vocalise why you want something, but the feeling it will bring to your home is enough to make the purchase. That doesn't mean you have to buy extravagant items (my tissue box was only 70p) but you do need to find your small luxury. 

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  1. I love these idea! I definitely need to get some fairy lights in my bedroom, it looks so cozy :)

    Emma GlamAndGeek X

  2. Such good ideas, I really want to put some more fairy lights up! I love wall hangings to make it a bit more homey as well!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. Lovely photos! The rose fairy lights are gorgeous XO